Book Reviews


 1. General

Strife Journal is happy to publish book reviews of recent academic titles on conflict, broadly defined. Calls for book reviews are made available regularly through the usual channels (departmentally, and through our social media pages), with a list of titles available for review.
___Prospective reviewers can contact our editors to propose a title they are interested in reviewing, and which is not listed in our periodical calls for reviews.
___Unsolicited book reviews can be offered, but will be accepted at the editors’ discretion.
___Please note that preference will be given to academic titles, and reviews on popular works will only be accepted if they offer a new, and rigorously treated perspective to an issue relevant to the themes covered in Strife. However, it should additionally be noted that 'popular titles' does not signify books published by non-academic publishers.

 2. Review copies

Strife holds a strong preference for providing its reviewers with printed copies of books whenever possible. However, a number of smaller academic publishers have shifted to distribution of electronic copies of titles for review.
___While all reasonable efforts to secure a printed copy of a title for review will be made, prospective reviewers should be prepared for the possibility that only a digital copy can be obtained.

 3. Submission

All Book Reviews submissions to Strife should be made electronically, in MS Word, e-mailed as an attachment to our editor. Your e-mail should be clearly marked with the words 'Strife Journal Book Review'.

 4. Formatting


Book reviews for Strife Journal should be between 1,000-1,500 words.
___Book reviews shorter than 1,000 words may still be considered for publication in the Journal, although submissions shorter than 1,000 words are normally published on the Strife blog.

Text: introductory

Book reviews submissions must include the normal editorial data of the publication(s) under review, in the following sequence and format:

Author’s name(s) surname(s). Book’s Title. Place of publication: Publisher, year. ISBN: xxx-xx-xx-xxxxx-x. Pp. i, 1-100. Format, price; alternate format, price.

Please note, that:

  1. The name(s) of the author(s) should be as on the book’s cover or title page. Do not transcribe first name(s) as initials.
  2. The book title should be written out in full, including any subtitle(s).
  3. The ISBN should be the ISBN-13, not the ISBN-10.
  4. The pages reference should include also the introductory pages normally marked by Roman numerals, separated by a comma from the normal pagination count.
  5. All formats available should be stated, not just the one the reviewer has been working off, namely Hardcover, Paperback, and/or E-book, with the normal pricing (i.e. excluding seasonal or promotional discounts) as appearing on the publisher’s website.

For example:

Graham Allison. Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap? Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017. ISBN: 978-05-44-9352-7. Pp. xx, 364. Hardcover, £ 22.99; $28.00.

Text: references

Page references to the publication under review should be given in the text itself, in parentheses. Strife Journal also permits footnotes to other works in its book reviews, which should be given as normal footnotes (see below).

Text: Formatting style

The formatting of the text of your submission, including any footnotes, should follow the Journal Submission Guidelines, particularly §4-5.


Strife does not normally publish images in its featured Book Reviews, though the editors may choose to do so in exceptional circumstances. (If such apply, the image in question should not to be inserted into the text, but should to be sent as a separate attachment. Please indicate your preferred position in the text by [image 1: <caption>]. It should be noted that you are responsible for obtaining the publication rights for the image(s) you want to submit with your work.



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