The Editors


Nikolai A. Gourof
King's College London

       Nikolai is a doctoral researcher at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London, and a Fellow of the Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War. His primary field of interest and expertise is military thought, culture and practice in the Renaissance and the early modern era. Geopolitically, he especially focuses on Habsburg Spain and its European adversaries, France, the Netherlands, and England. He is currently researching the nature of the interrelation between early modern military treatises and the strategic, operational and tactical practices of the era with the goal to re-assess and challenge the variety of pervasive and deeply-engrained assumptions which have shaped the historiography of early modern war and related modernisation theories.
      During recent years, Nikolai has also cultivated an interest in and expanded his knowledge of modern Russia, with a particular focus on late Imperial, White émigré and early Soviet military and strategic thought and its impact on contemporary Russian military thinking. Additionally, he is interested in the reception, projection and political use of history and military thought in countries with forms of methodological crises and a tradition of politicised history, like contemporary Russia and the peripheral countries of the former Soviet Union.
        Connected to the above are Nikolai's other research interests in the history and evolution of military tactics, military strategy and grand strategy, in the rise and fall of empires, in patterns of European expansion and extra-European resistance, in the structure and evolution of the modern state, and in the intellectual framework within which traditional ideological and behavioural themes survive and new trends and perceptions emerge and spread within Europe and beyond. The treatment of war and history in art, literature and cinema has been a lifelong fascination.
        Nikolai is the Managing Editor of Strife Journal, and the overall Reviews Editor of Strife.


Andrea Varsori
King's College London

      Andrea is a doctoral researcher at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. His research focuses on the strategy of urban armed groups in the Global South, with a particular focus on Rio de Janeiro, where he has spent three months in the summer of 2017 as a Visiting Fellow at the BRICS Policy Center. In Brazil, he has conducted extensive field research, including interviews with high-ranking police officials, and co-authored a paper on the impact of urban violence on the city. Given the predominance of organised crime in Rio and other large Southern cities, Andrea's research has expanded its focus to include criminal groups, and in particular on their decision-making processes and their methods of territorial control.
      Andrea holds a BA in International Studies and an MA in International and Diplomatic Sciences, both from the University of Bologna, where he was fully funded by the scholarship of the Institute of Advanced Studies. His other research interests include contemporary insurgencies, urban riots, and the interplay between evolutionary theory and political science.
      Andrea is currently Editor-in-Chief of Strife.


William Moray
King's College London

        William is an MA candidate in Intelligence & Intelligence Security at King's College London. He previously completed his BA in War Studies at King's, and served as Strife's BA representative in 2016-17. Before joining King's and Strife, William worked in media, HR and the charity sector in France and the UK. His research interests include intelligence and its history, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and the relations between Russia and the West. He has achieved a King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship (KURF) during his BA.
        William is the Managing Editor of Strife Blog. You can follow him on Twitter @WilliamMoray.


Alexandria Reid
King's College London

      Alexandria holds a BA in War Studies and an MA in Conflict, Security and Development, both from King’s College London, and is to begin her doctoral studies in 2018. She was one of the recipients of the annual departmental Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Scholarship in 2017. Her academic interests include a historical approach to statecraft, environmental security and grand strategy. She was the recipient of the Sir Michael Howard Award for Best Graduate in 2016 and works with the Centre for Grand Strategy as a Programme Officer. Alexandria is currently working at the King’s Centre for Military Health Research.
       Alexandria is the Social Media Coordinator of Strife. You can follow her on Twitter: @AlexHREID


John A. Pennell
King's College London

       John is a doctoral researcher in the Defence Studies Department (DSD) within the School of Security Studies at King's College London. His research focuses on asymmetric warfare as it relates to Russia's intervention in Ukraine. In addition to specific research interests in Ukraine, Russia, and other former Soviet states, his broader research interests include the role of soft power in conflict, strategic thought, unconventional warfare, and the Middle East.
       John is a Career Member of the U.S. Senior Foreign Service, currently serving in Kyiv, Ukraine. His prior assignments have included Afghanistan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, and Uzbekistan. He holds a BA in Politics from The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC), an MS in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University/National War College (Washington, DC), and an MA in Political Science from American University (Washington, DC).
       John is a Senior Editor at Strife. You can follow him on Twitter @jpennell1970.


Anna Plunkett
King's College London

       Anna is a doctoral researcher at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. She received her BA in Politics and Economics from the University of York, before receiving a scholarship to continue her studies at York with an MA in Post-War Recovery. She was the recipient of the Guido Galli Award for her MA dissertation. Her primary interests include conflict and democracy at the sub-national level, understanding how minor conflicts impact democratic realisation within quasi-post conflict states.
       Anna's main area of focus is Burma's ethnic borderlands and ongoing conflicts in the region. She has previously worked as a human rights researcher focusing on military impunity in Burma and has conducted work on evaluating Bosnia’s post-war recovery twenty years after the Dayton Peace Accords.
       Anna is a Senior Editor at Strife.


Kamaldeep Singh Sandhu
King's College London

       Kamaldeep is a part-time doctoral researcher at the Defence Studies Department, King's College London. He is currently researching India’s defence diplomacy in the twenty first century. His other research interests include South Asian security and military culture. Kamaldeep is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy, Pune and of the Army War College, Mhow. He has served as an officer with the Indian army’s Parachute Regiment for ten years, before returning to academia and obtaining an MA in War in the Modern World at the Department of War Studies.
       Kamaldeep is a Senior Editor at Strife. You can follow him on Twitter @kamal_sandhu78


Daria Platonova
King's College London

       Daria is a doctoral researcher at the Russia Institute, King’s College London. Her research focuses on violence and the unfolding of conflict across several regions in eastern Ukraine, 2013 – 2014. She graduated with a degree in History from the University of Cambridge in 2011. Prior to joining King's, she worked as a teacher.Daria's broader interests include European history, war studies, and interinterdisciplinary research methodology.
       Daria is a Senior Editor at Strife.


Jente Althuis
King's College London

       Jente is a doctoral researcher at the King’s Centre for Strategic Communications, part of the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. She specialises in urban warfare, strategic communications, and related urban security topics in African and Middle Eastern cities. Her doctoral thesis assesses insurgents' use of urban space to convey revolutionary messages and mobilise urban populations, currently focusing on Johannesburg, South Africa. She has previously worked with the University of Leiden, the Africa Programme at Chatham House, and the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence in Riga, Latvia, for which she is co-editor and contributing author of the join KCSC-NATO SratCom COE publication Fake News: A Roadmap. She holds an undergraduate degree in Policy Science and International Development from the University of Leiden, and an MA degree in Conflict, Security and Development from the Department of War Studies.
       Jente is a Senior Editor at Strife. You can follow her @JenteAlthuis.



The Strife Editoria Board would like to thank the members of our previous editorial teams for their valuable contribution over the years, and especially Dr Pablo de Orellana, Ms Tally de Orellana, Mr Harris Kuemmerle, Dr Joana Cook, Dr Thomas Colley, Dr Alister Wedderburn, Ms Zoha Waseem, Mr Charlie de Rivaz, Dr Laurie Benson, Mr Cheng Lai Ki, Ms Marike Woolard.

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