The Editors


Nikolai A. Gourof
King's College London

       Nikolai is a doctoral researcher at the Department of War Studies, King's College London, and a Fellow of the Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War. His primary field of interest and expertise is the history of military thought in early modern Europe and beyond. He is currently researching the nature of the interrelation between early modern military treatises and the strategic, operational and tactical practices of the era, with a particular focus on Habsburg Spain. He is seeking to re-assess the variety of pervasive and deeply-engrained assumptions which have shaped the historiography of early modern war and warfare, and which feed modernisation theories in related fields.
      Connected to the above are Nikolai's other research interests in Western and Russian military thought, in early modern tactics, strategy and international balance of power, in the tructure and evolution of the early modern state, and in the intellectual framework within which traditional ideological and behavioural themes survive and new trends and perceptions emerge and spread within Europe and beyond. The treatment of war and history in art, literature and cinema has been a lifelong fascination.
        Nikolai is the Managing Editor of Strife journal and the overall Reviews Editor of Strife.


Harris Kuemmerle
King's College London

      Harris is doctoral researcher in at both the Department of War Studies and the Department of Geography, King's College London. He received a BSc in International Relations from Plymouth University and an MSc in Asian Politics from SOAS, University of London which focused on the Indo-Bangladeshi Ganges River dispute. His main areas of interest include hydropolitics, human and state environmental security, climate change, environmental extremism, centre-state relations, and transboundary disputes. His main region of focus is South Asia with additional expertise on the US, UK, and Europe.
      Additinal research interersts include gender dynamics, interactive entertainment, and science in society.
      Harris is currently Editor-in-Chief of the Strife initiative. You can follow him on Twitter: @HarrisKuemmerle


Alexandria Reid
King's College London

      Following the completion of her undergraduate degree in the Department of War Studies, King's College London, Alexandria is currently reading for the MA Degree in Conflict, Security and Development, and is a recipient of the departmental Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Scholarship. Her academic interest focuses on non-traditional security issues including energy, food security and environmental issues.
       Alexandria is the Social Media Coordinator of Strife. You can follow her on Twitter: @AlexHREID


Thomas Colley
King's College London

       Thomas is a Teaching Fellow at the Department of War Studies, King's College London, and a Fellow of the Sir Michael Howard Centre for the History of War. He has led a variety of seminars in the Department of War Studies, and has also lectured on the MA Propaganda and MA Reporting Wars modules. Thomas's research focuses on propaganda, strategic communication and their historical and contemporary use in war. His research interests reflect a fascination with finding out what publics actually think, and thus how they might be persuaded or resist persuasion. He is currently investigating the similarities in how individual British citizens use narratives of past and present military interventions to explain their views on the use of military force.
       Thomas is an Associate Editor of Strife journal and a frequent contributor of Strife blog.


Joana Cook
King's College London

      Joana is a doctoral researcher at the Department of War Studies, King's College London, a researcher with the Canadian Network for the Study of Terrorism, Security and Society (TSAS), and a former Research Affiliate with Public Safety Canada's 'Kanishka program'. She has previously worked at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) at King's College, in risk management, and as a journalist in both digital and print media across Canada, the Middle East and Africa. Joana is currently researching the roles and agency of women in counter-terrorism in Yemen. Her other academic interests revolve around extremism and terrorism, with a focus on Canada, the U.S., the UK and the Middle East. Her broader research interests revolve around women in violent extremism, countering violent extremism and counter-terrorism practices in Yemen, Canada and the UK.
       Joana is Associate Editor of Strife journal, and a former Editor-in-Chief of the Strife initiative.

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